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Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)


Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a model for understanding, working with and changing human behavior and experience. Its efficacy stems from the study of how our brain takes in information from our senses, creates our experience of life which then shapes our belief and identity structures. The NLP toolbox is full of creative and powerful ways to shift limiting belief patterns so that you are fully congruent with getting what you want, personally and professionally.

The NLP toolbox includes a variety of approaches to identify unconscious patterns that limit us from reaching our full potential including timelines, reframing, unpacking and re-patterning limiting belief structures, releasing imprints from childhood and parents.


The brain is a transceiver, transmitting and receiving information that creates our experience of the world.  The brain processes and creates our experiences through virtual filters, which we install ourselves early in life based on decisions we make about ourselves and the world.  The brain is capable of receiving billions of bits of information in any given moment, but can only process a few million at a time.  It is these virtual perception filters that is uses to decide what information to allow into our awareness and which ones to delete into outside of our awareness.  Just because our filters do not pick up the information, does not mean its not there.  The tools of NLP allow these filters to be adjusted and aligned with allowing in the information that supports healthier and happier experience in life.

These perception filters are the basis of what our beliefs about ourselves and the world are based upon.  Our core beliefs then become the foundation for our identity.  Core beliefs are established in the first few months to years of life, and are generally based on ensuring safety, survival and belonging.  To an infant or young child, these things depend on how well we are cared for, supported and loved.  When these elements are weak in development, core belief structures can develop based on being unsafe, not good enough, and being unlovable.  As the child grows to adulthood, these beliefs become part of their identity as they are drawn to a reality where these beliefs are proven to be true.  This results in a feedback loop of sustaining the limiting beliefs so that the reality for the identity makes sense.  NLP has a variety of ways to work with uncovering these limiting beliefs, preserving the positive intent (e.g. safety, belonging, lovable), and allowing the system to experience a reality more supportive to the adult self, rather than the child self who created the original beliefs from a more limited place.  The result is an experience of life that allows for safety, love, belonging and success on all levels of being.


The traditional format of NLP is done as talk therapy.  Julie has also incorporated her NLP skills into working with the principles of quantum physics, where everything exists in its entirety in every moment and therefore can be worked with directly through pure consciousness.  Consciouses in this case is not limited to the brain activity but more from a fully embodied heart presence, located within the heart energy centre together with connecting with the still point position between the field of infinite possibilities and the creative force of manifestation.

Julie is a certified master NLP practitioner since 2005.  She was certified at NLP Marin (