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with Julie Williams
2018 Dates: One Saturday a month March – December 2018 (Modules are 5 months each)
Foundations: 3 March, 7 April, 12 May, 9 June, 7 July 2018
Advanced: 11 August, 8 September, 6 October, 10 November, 1 December 2018
Where: Greystones,  Co. Wicklow

Learn the foundational principles of Hellinger Family Constellation work from the facilitator’s perspective through lecture, demonstration and practice.

Family Constellation work is a powerful ancestral healing format that allows for the exploration and releasing of hidden entanglements that affect all levels of wellbeing. Just as we inherit our DNA from our ancestors, we also inherit emotional, financial, and energetic states from the suffering of those who came before us. We do this our a deep subconscious love, belonging and ultimately becomes a survival instinct. The Family Constellation format allows for working with the facts, rather than story, to uncover these deep hidden entanglements we11 unknowingly carry our ancestors. Through the use of words, movements and holding a place of deep respect and honour for the lives of those who came before us, we are able to restore broken connections, re-include “lost” family members, to and bring balance or order to the family soul’s energy. When this happens, the flow of love unites all members of the family soul, rather than the loyalties to old sufferings. From this place, we are free to embrace life fully to bloom completely into the truest aspect of ourselves.

This format is effect in working with issues on all levels of being including physical dis-ease & pain, emotional & mental issues, financial struggles, infertility, business & career challenges, past trauma, relationship struggles and conditions unresponsive to other treatments.

This training is appropriate for:

Anyone who wants to gain a better understanding of the work for personal or professions purposes

Those wishing to become a family constellation facilitator

Therapists seeking new ways to work with clients and

Therapist or healthcare practitioner wishing to integrate family constellations into their work

Those seeking to deepen and integrate their own personal growth process

Those wishing to get a different perspective on the truth behind family dynamics & what true love really is

Anyone seeking to release old patterns and embrace life fully

Those wishing to depend their knowledge & experience of the work


The Course will cover:

Learn specific ways to recognize and work with ancestral entanglements

Understand the main dynamics behind specific types of entanglements

Learn how to navigate the field and develop intuitive abilities

See practical demonstrations of group and 1:1 work

Experience and practice the basic movements of family constellation work

Learn the basics on how to set up constellations using double blind & open formats

Learn how to identify the issue to work with and how to choose the appropriate format

Receive instruction on what language to use and how to apply it to release entanglements

Learn how to recognize energetic dynamics between family members, to see where the weaknesses are and how to bring about full strength & empowerment

Learn how to adopt the group ancestral format to 1:1 therapeutic practice or any interpersonal relationships

Everyone who attends will have the opportunity to have their constellation done

Learn different constellation formats (i.e. traditional, business, options, 1:1, issue, nature etc.)

Review and explore the main movements of the traditional work used to resolve entanglements such as: Big/Little Dynamic, Interrupted reaching out, Victim/Perpetrator Dynamic, Adoption, Country of Origin etc.

Opportunities will be available for those wishing to experience supervised family constellation facilitation 

FOUNDATIONS: €650* (€130 per class, 5 classes)
Foundations Early Bird €595 (paid by 15 January 2018)
ADVANVED: €650 (€130 per class, 5 classes)
FOUNDATION & ADVANCED: €1300 for 10 classes
Foundation & Advanced Early Bird €1200 (paid by 15 January 2018)
Payment in full or €130 deposit required to confirm registration
Course sees include workshop, handouts/manual, certificate of completion with supervised hours earned
Payments can be made by bank transfer:
AIB (Dame St. D2)
Acct: 29255024
Sort Code: 932086
IBAN: IE77AIBK93208629255024

Requirements & Prerequisites : Family constellation work is a powerful form of holistic therapy that should be treated with sacred honor and respect. Participating in at least 1 group family constellation events facilitated by Julie, is recommended.

Register: email or call/text 0872588385
March 23 – MARCH 25, 2018
JULY 20 – 22, 2018
OCTOBER 19-21, 2018
glanmalure valley      wildernesslodgesingle Wilderness-Lodge-Back-825x510
Sponsored in part by Chrysalis Ireland
Where: Glenmalure Co. Wicklow
Time: Friday 6:00 PM – Sunday 5:00 PM
Cost: € 295 Double Shared room, € 345 Single, € 275 Quad Shared room
All who attend will have their constellation done
Registration Opening Soon!